A tale of three paintings

Cathy, my very good friend, once asked blatantly, with great derision in her voice: 'When are you going to finish this painting?'

See, this Cathy person is so brazen, that is why I like her. But her referencing my abstract painting as an 'unfinished work' was a bit too much. I therefore decided, because I value our friendship, to explain to her slowly, what the painting in question meant and how it came to be.

Now, I had vowed never to explain any of my paintings, and you can find my poetic reasons for that here. In brief though, I do not explain my paintings because I want people to interpret them for themselves.

Luckily for me, I created that rule, so I can break it at will. Having broken it, I will now proceed to tell you a short story about the painting Cathy called 'unfinished'. It starts with my five year old daughter trying to paint like me.

The said daughter, was trying very hard to copy the spirals in one of my paintings: 'Cruel Angel'. I was so amazed to see what she did that I decided to copy it...

And that is as much as you will get out of me, concerning this three paintings. I am not  feeling very creative today so you must now continue the tale on your own. 

'Cruel Angel' painting
              Daughter's painting

My copy of my daughter's painting