'Where have I been?' Acrylics on canvas

I overcame the strong temptation to explain in detail what my paintings and sketches mean.

By confining them to any specific interpretation, even if it's my own as their author, I will have stopped them from being.

They will loose their fluid state of continually becoming.

These paintings are ever changing so I do not wish to restrict them to the given time and space when I did them.

Rather, I would invite my audience to wonder with me and create new ideas for these works.

One of my best moments as an (aspiring) artist is when people tell me what a painting is:

'It reminds me of a tree!' Someone once said, and indeed when I looked at the 'Cruel Angel' painting, I saw a tree for the first time!

And the 'Where have I been?' piece here, was that point when I discovered that I am an artist. Now I do not think so, I lost my confidence. So I search for something else.

Maybe a portal into the unknown?

('Where have I been?' is one of my largest and quickest works. You can even tell which type of music I was dancing to. No, I am not on drugs. I don't even take coffee anymore. Seriously. Read my health tips here)

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