Listen to your Body

I was just listening to this song on the radio that goes: 'listen to your heart'.

I try to do that sometimes, but of late I have been forced to really listen to my body. For instance, I am now very particular about my diet and I am shocked at the realization that the food served in most restaurants does not suit my preferences. There is always too much of the wrong sauces and fats and sugars in everything. Eating out has therefore become rather disconcerting if not downright frightening for me.

Worse still, I gave up even red wine, which K refers to as 'RW' and to me as an 'old woman' deserving of kittens and some knitting equipment. For K, my concern for my health is exaggerated and I would agree with her were it not for my 'dry eye syndrome'.

I wrote once about how I got over 'dry eyes', a condition where the quality of tears in the eyes is so poor that the eyes are not protected adequately. I will not burden you with that sob story again but you can refer to it for clarity or just out of interest.

This condition never goes away as I have come to understand, and when I get careless it worsens. Recently I noticed that RW makes my condition worse because I was getting bloodshot eyes from just a glass or two of wine. It must be from the dehydration.

Bear in mind that all the medication I tried out, made my eyes worse and so I resorted to natural remedies, a good diet and rest being the best remedy I have come across so far.

As for you, take as much red wine as you can because it is good for you, or not. Well, it is not good for me anymore.

Today, I smile knowing that not everything is for me. I have been denied somethings in life but I am also immensely blessed. Maybe it is the same for you.

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