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So, my first ever guest writer, whose article I posted yesterday, is my colleague and friend Ogake. Let me tell you a little about how I met this girl.

(She hates this story by the way, and that is why I tell it so often because I am seeking revenge. See, I was the youngest and probably the most beautiful girl in our department until Ogake came to rain on my parade. Besides Betty, who is even more attractive, and therefore disqualified from competing, Ogake and I are neck and neck in this race for the most beautiful. Consider this a useless aside that might not help you understand the rest of this story).

So, before Ogake arrived, a rumour was spreading around the department, that a new member of staff was joining us from the UK. We were not told from where in the UK, and that didn't matter, we were, (at least I was) in awe. In this rumour, emphasis was laid on her having just flown in for the interview, and that there was no guarantee that she would accept the offer. I waited with bated breath.

She did accept the offer but took some time to report so it was a while before we actually met. Before then, I phoned to invite her for some office social events that I was organizing, and she turned me down twice! So in my mind I was expecting to see a snooty lady from the UK.

Ogake turned out to be the most down to earth, but still very stylish girl I know. We have been friends for only a short time but I feel like I have always known her. She is also brutally honest, swears like a sailor and we gossip and laugh most inappropriately. I love her! (She made this beautiful dress for me, that I wore to Betty's wedding, and to this date, my photo in that dress has the most likes on my facebook page).

And now I want to blackmail her into accepting Teresa's offer to become part of LOCOLIZE. (I had written earlier about Teresa in 'There is one greater than I'  and to continue reading this article, you must read about Teresa first, if you have not).

So now imagine, Teresa, Ogake and I doing anything together! It is bound to succeed. Teresa is a brilliant graphic designer, Ogake is a talented fashion designer, both of them have done work that is totally mind blowing, put that together and then add me! Wow!

My interest in all this is the fancy parties and fancy clothes that will accompany such a great idea like LOCOLIZE. (Teresa is still sending me lots of documents, but all I have understood so far is that LOCOLIZE is a crowd-funding platform. Other words like pre-ordering and pre-purchase keep popping up in our conversations. I am keenly listening to everything Teresa says in order to capture another very important word which is 'launch', a synonym for 'party all night').

You must look at Ogake's page and tell me if she is not an absolutely amazing fashion designer.

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