Morning after

If you have a child for whom you have to throw a birthday party for every year, then this article is for you. If you do not have a child and therefore no birthdays parties to throw, but you still do eat cake occasionally then you too can find this article useful.

Cakes! that is what I want to talk about today. Those sinful, sugary things that we find an  excuse to stuff ourselves with from time to time. For me, the only excuse to eat a cake is during my daughter's birthday. The said birthday celebrations have come and gone and now there is the cake deposits around the waist to work off.

My age and gender probably contributes markedly to this need for working off birthday cakes. Mr. P, a young man who happens to be my neighbour, does not exhibit this same need to work off cakes.  He is still pure muscle, even after gobbling down the reminder of our birthday cake and not working out a day in his life. At least there is no evidence of him ever working out since I moved into this block. Yet, life being infinitely unfair, it chooses to bless Mr. P with the perfect abs!

I know this because he walks around the block with no shirt on. He also declared that he is only 20 years old when he came to confirm the absolute delicacy of my daughter's birthday cake, which I had given him a piece of, on my way downstairs to hang our laundry. As for the laundry, you would think there are 37 people living in my house if you see the amount of clothing I hang outside.

Sorry, I digress. The point of all these is to moan to you about my almost 34 year old body, which unlike P's, needs to be exercised. This, despite the fact that I work like a horse and I still cannot get my tummy to firm up into abs like P's. Maybe I do not need abs, but a relatively flat belly would be ideal. Just flat enough to photograph well in a bikini.

With this target in mind, I had to ride my bike up the little hill outside our block to convince my waist not to increase. I nearly passed out in the attempt because the incline is rather steep, but I am now satisfied that the birthday cake has been definitively worked off.

So, if you are having the "morning after the cake" blues, you should do one of these two things: Go back to being 20 like P or ride a bike like me!