I do (not) know the meaning of life

I often get whacky ideas which I am too afraid to try out. Like the idea to start this blog. I really had to convince myself that it wont hurt to start a blog and that the worst possible outcome could only be my not getting any traffic. With that, I ventured into this online world where I share deep introspective stuff. Other times I just keep it superficial and light-hearted lest it gets too heavy.

Today, I want to do a bit of both. To start off, let me take you to the deep end of the pool, where we can contemplate life's true meaning. We must do this together because we can help each other, you and I. See, I have a little experience in being profound and you can build on what I will give you just now.

We could ask the question: What is life's true meaning? My answer would be that life's true meaning is to find love and joy. But this love and joy can be elusive. I have spent my few (33) years on earth searching and I am not sure if I am searching in the right place. That there, is a problem!

As a wise man said, 'If we cannot solve the problem, then let us expand the question.


Now, I think in capital letters, the question is definitely more expanded and like a true academic, I leave it at that.

Let us now go to the superficial and talk flimsy. With me, it never gets more flimsy than to find great pleasure in my damn good looks. Did I also tell you that I do almost nothing to look this way? That is of course, if you count a strict diet, exercise and hard work as almost nothing.

You are regretting now, reading so far into this article but you figure you might as well get to the end. To make up for your time that I have just wasted, I will swim back to the deeps and find for you a hint about the true meaning of life.

The true meaning of life is to just try! Just try that thing you really want to do. Do not be afraid to fail because you will fail either way, whether you are afraid or not. Do not waste time moaning the past because it will not come back and if it did, you will probably make the same mistakes anyway. (Trust me on that one. I have a suite of mistakes that I have turned into a hobby).

So, move on, be creative and most of all, find love. I guarantee you that everyone else is looking for love, so reach out, love someone and they might love you back. If they don't, well, you can blog about it! Readers love romantic sob stories of unrequited love!

But on a more serious note, by love, I mean that boundless love we should all be sharing as humans. If you promise to give it a try, I too will give it a go!