A love letter

Dearest one,

I know you may find this hard to believe, but I really think this could work! Was it not you who told me that if we dream about something then it can come true? Well, this is me dreaming and that is you, the one who can make this dream come true.

You know what some of my dreams are: to be an artist, to travel the seven seas, to visit exotic lands. But that is not the dream I speak of now. The dream, the BIG DREAM is to have you in those dreams.

But you say nothing, just like always. Silence...

I ponder then, if I am not speaking to a ghost, or dancing with an angel. Of course I know I'm dreaming, for you do not exist except in my memory. Maybe not even my memory. All these is a figment of my imagination.

That is why I am an artist. I make up stories. I create worlds, I provide options. I draw thoughts, I paint love. You on the other hand, look on.

At first, you were mesmerized! 'Who is this girl with such large, wondering eyes?' With time though, you see through me, and discover that I am just an ordinary, struggling girl. Or was it the other way round?

You loose interest. You ignore me. I write and write and write. So now, I am nervous, I hold my breath, anxiously...


Wait, is this letter even for you? Am I just playing with your mind, twisting words to get you this far? I could be writing to anyone. This, is after all, a public space. I have not even mentioned your name dear one, but deep down, you know, YOU KNOW very well that it is you I speak to. Or maybe it is not you. I could just be doing this to promote my art, or I could actually be writing you a love letter!

There is only one way to find out! You must ask me.

Yours truly and always.

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