The world yearns for you

If you had discovered a long time ago how special you were
then, you would not have settled for so little

If you knew your worth all this while
then you might have waited a little bit longer

If life would have told you what it took to make you
perhaps you would have treated yourself a little bit better

But you knew not that you were a treasure
For you would have put more effort into your shine

You persisted in doing the ordinary when you were built for the extra-ordinary!

You spoke like everyone else but it never sounded quite right...
Because you were being dishonest

Hard as you tried, you did not fit in

You forgot that you, special one, do not do fit

You do not enter molds for you are the mold

Now, I think you should stop lying to the world
And tell them who you really are

Bless us with your true beauty and grace
For we yearn for something else

Someone else who can teach us to do things another way
That someone, happens to be you