B*tch stole my 'look'!

So now, this b*tch (excuse my language) stole my idea!

She goes off and starts bitching in a blog about the challenges of doing research blah blah blah, and does not acknowledge that she got that idea from me! I don't want her to pay royalties or anything, just to admit that I am the number one blogger when it comes to bitching about research. But, I will let this one slide because this girl called Catherine is not half-bad when all things are considered!

Maybe I am even looking forward to her blog articles, especially if she can spew as much vitriol into them as she does in real conversation. She does it so well! I once laughed and dropped to my knees on the streets as I listened to Catherine bitch about, well, everything. She does it with such vehemence and rough humor, to my great enjoyment.

So I hope she will be raw in her blog, though I do not want to, in any way, usurp her creative freedom. Knowing Cathy, what I say about her blog does not matter anyway, for she never heeds my advice. For instance, I have tried to get her to tone down her language and not use words like 'bitch'. I have also admonished her not to torture M anymore, even though I started the torture of M, who looks like a cute teddy bear. But I am totally reformed now.

So reformed that I am attending a five-day conference. Just like last time though, I was tricked into registering for this five days of agony. It started off with an abstract for a paper, which got accepted, so I thought I would attend a one-day conference to present it. Before I knew it, I was registered for a two-day conference, preceded by a two-day workshop and followed by a one-day public presentation. To round it off, a social evening was thrown into the mix and thus went five days of my life. Well, technically only one day has gone by but you catch my drift: This is me bitching.

By the way did I tell you how I have mastered the art of looking intelligent at conferences when people use high-sounding words that I have no clue about, but that I am too embarrassed to ask the meaning of? I did not tell you? Sure? Well some other time. I just want to end now and sleep, because day-two of Scary conference continues and I wish Catherine all the best in blogging! She is one of the few people I share private jokes with. I just have to look at her in a boring conference-type talk and we start giggling about something silly and totally unrelated to the said conference-type talk.

It is so sinful to blog on a night of a five-day conference, but I was so inspired by Catherine's new blog. Cheers.