Boundaries are useful because they allow us to define limits, create functional spaces and break down life's complexities into manageable chunks.

With boundaries, we demarcate our society with rules and norms, we produce culture and beliefs, all in an effort to control our lives.

We go even further and draw imaginary lines on land masses which we then call our national borders. So now, we become Americans, Swedish, Kenyan, South African; because we can identify our country on a map.

Soon after, we form factions within our countries, we assume race and give ourselves colour names. Now, I am black and others are coloured and white, which is fine. Except that we also have to assume a certain way  of being depending on this colour that we acquire.

Officially, we are now different thanks to our boundaries. Clever as we are, we forget that we made those boundaries in the first place so we can change them anytime we choose to.

If our national borders are a problem, why can we not draw another map? If we do not like someone because they are white, why don't we call them blue or green?

If our rules become a reason to kill others who do not conform why don't we change those rules then?

But... I sigh.  For we forget these things. We think that boundaries were always there. We cannot imagine a life without our rules that we hold so dear.

Maybe if we were all artists, we could recreate a life that is better for all of us. I really think art could be our last recourse because in art, anything is possible.