We dream of a Place

There must be a place where people love each other
A place where people do not speak in words but from the heart
A place of silence and understanding
Where everyone listens to good and does no harm

Such a place is a dream
A dream that must be true
For if it is not, then all we have is our cruelty

Cruelty that blinds us and maims us
Cruelty that steals our souls and forgets our humanity
In our prayers, this cruelty must have an end 
In our dreams, we may all find a place of rest and peace

Peace, so elusive in our world
But yet we yearn for it, every child and every man
If we find it, we remember to care for others
Those others that make us whole
For we are not lone travelers in this hard journey

We travel as ONE
And if that ONE that we are is disturbed
We are doomed 
For the ONE eats its own hand and its own feet then its own children
Destroying itself from the very core

A disturbed ONE
Seeing its reflection and shadow and believing these to be enemies
Hunting down strangers who happen to be but ONE'S own blood
Fighting ghosts, loosing as we think we are winning

We forget to close our eyes and dream of that place
Where pain is no more and hearts are joined in grace
A place promised only if we can learn to love us


(P.S My heart goes out to all those who suffer in war, in disease, in loneliness 
but most of all, to my dear Kenyans)