TV and other earth-shattering matters

My little girl said she is going to buy a little TV of her own because I banned cartoon watching for today. So, I am waiting to see how she goes about doing that, but for now, I need a break from hearing about princesses, pirates and fairies on the Disney junior channel.

The only variety to our menu beyond Disney junior is Boomerang channel, and that, not so much because those Boomerang cartoons don't look as happy and innocent as the Disney junior ones. Overall, I have come to find TV such a bore. I prefer an occasional good movie, if I can make time for it, and it has to be an intense movie with a thick, compelling plot, otherwise I feel like I am wasting my time waiting for a story to slowly unfold.

But while I am complaining about cartoons, I discover with shock that soap operas are still being produced. In my whole life, I think I have watched three soaps from beginning to end, only to realize that the plot was exactly the same in all three! I vowed never to watch another soap.

As for series and such-like, I am extremely irritated by the tendency of them having nearly implausible plots that get dragged on and on until they become unconvincing and finally end up as purely nonsensical. Take for example 24, which I enjoyed following for a while. Seriously, one can only save the world so many times. Beyond that, one would need super powers to explain continued success.

Reality shows are therefore a good alternative to fall back on. But even some reality shows get me wondering how opportune moments always get captured on camera if there is no script behind it. What I cannot fault though, are well produced documentaries, and were it not for my trying to do a PhD, I would be watching National Geographic right now.

So,  now you have my two-cents worth on TV and its watching. It is probably not useful advice at all anyhow, seeing as I do not watch enough TV to give a valid opinion. Maybe what I can say with authority is that not watching TV means you free up so much time to do other painting.

And please, do not get me started on the tragic pulling down of my artwork from the only online gallery I had my work displayed at. If I was in a reality show, the cameras would have zoomed in to capture my look of utter disbelief when I received the depressing news.

But, I am not in a reality show, I am in the library editing my paper on systems dynamics modelling. Toodles!