Teach me to make Art again

Dear Balcony,

The harsh winter is almost over, and with it, goes our long separation. I hope you understand that it was the bitter cold that kept us apart and this was not in any way my wish. Indeed, my art has suffered greatly at our parting and you will be sad to know that I have not created as much, for I found little inspiration indoors. 

My confinement within now reveals to me that the stars and the clear skies you showed me, were very necessary for the thriving of my art. Or perhaps it was the whispers in the wind, that carried the sounds of the violinist's strings from next door, prompting my thoughts and musings? If not these, then it was the view of the mountains that you afforded me as I gazed towards the horizon. Yes! I am now convinced it was these mountains that you spoke of every morning and every night, that taught my soul the beauty of life through art. 

In your absence, I have tried my best to make do. By candle light and with soft music, I sketch and write lines for a verse. But I do so like a blind person, unsure of my power, hesitating. I sigh. It is never the same as when I am with you. My hand falters and my heart is dry, my mind therefore grows weary and I give up. I am no artist anymore without you. I am now a pale reflection of what you made me. 

I remember too, that it was you who got me through the dark times. When I was lonely, it was you who caught my tears of pain. Each evening as I wept, you listened quietly, offering a place for me to pour my soul. And when the morning came, you let in the light to tell me that it will all be fine. It is your patience in this time of need that got me from one day to the next, slowly lifting my sorrow to reveal a smile that I now wear with pride and joy. 

Well, my dear, summer now  beckons and I am happy that we can share once more. Very soon, I hope, with your help, to return to my former glory. Or maybe I should aspire for more; you claim it is possible. I trust then, that you will teach me again how to paint and draw and dream. You will show me the magnificence of the stars and the majesty of the mountains. Like them, I want to rise above the paleness of the mundane. My heart swells with expectation as I imagine what we will accomplish!

I now close my eyes and start to dream again as I look forward to the beauty we will create together. 

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