Not for Profit

I have neglected my blog for a while because I feel like it is not delivering what I wanted it to. As you may well know, or imagine from the title of this blog, I intended to become a famous artist. That has not happened, and I have bitched on and on about it and that conversation is getting old and tired.

But I will complain just one more time, in the hope that the universe will have mercy on me and turn my fortune around. I am not even asking for a lot of fame; just enough for me to sell my art steadily and earn some extra money to go on holiday. As it is, I can only afford to meet my basic needs. Luckily, my research has allowed me to travel around a little on research grants, but those travels are always for work and the fun only takes place in the evenings; I want to have fun the whole day!

So, if this blog continues to get me nothing in terms of art sales, then I might loose interest in it entirely. But that would be sad though, because what I write here might be helpful to somebody. I guess that should be reason enough to continue but I am only human and like all humans, I am pragmatic.

That means I do not know how to do things for their own sake, I want to see tangible results! If I was less selfish, I would not be worrying about the reward. I would just do it to help or comfort someone; putting a smile on a face would be plenty of a reward.

Now, I am thinking if I stop being concerned about financial gain, I might continue putting my heart into my posts because people enjoy them. Like Jack, who I think is so cool because he flips his hair every three seconds. Doing the Justin Bieber thing. If Jack says my blog is cool, and he is cool then that is rad!

So, please give me a day or two to meditate then I will say something really inspirational about not doing things for money's sake. I might title it: 'SCREW PROFITS!' or 'FORGET ABOUT MONEY' or I should just call it 'HOW I BECAME A MONK'. Off I go. Be cool, like Jack.