In conversation with the true Artist

I wonder about you
You neither fret nor fumble like I do
You are so composed and at ease, always smiling

Please, you must teach me some of this wisdom
Like you, I too want to be a sage 
Knowing the answers to questions not yet asked
Calmly walking life's road with reverence 

To me, these elegant ways of yours are so inspiring!
Very different from my awkward struggles with art and with self
Now I see, it is because you are not just an artist
You embody the art and for that, you need not make any art

An artist so great, that you have become Art itself!
The art now lives in your eyes and voice and touch, 
Such richness! I am in awe!

But then, as we speak, your words baffle me!
You insist that I am the artist and you are but a spectator
Your favorite artist, you say I am

I want to believe you...
I hesitate, then I see that you have no need to lie to me
Slowly, I gain courage and smile
I overcome my shyness and fear

As you know, though, this is not easy for me
But you reveal to me that it is not hard at all
For your voice is the voice of my heart
And as you speak, you say only that which I already know

Aaah! With time, I hope to be just like you: 
Beautiful, true, majestic, with no need to prove anything

A real Artist