I have failed yet again*

I think I jinxed my art by using the title 'Artistic failures' in this blog. That title is turning out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy! So far, nobody likes my art, except my mama who thinks everything I do is nice.

Jimmy compares me to some of the greats whose work was discovered very late. He says that I might become famous when I am dead, his exacts words being: 'you will be discovered posthumously'. Well, what good is that to me?

I started making art so that I can become rich and that is not happening!

I have now run out of ideas. I do not know how else to popularize my art. Maybe it is just really bad art and people are right not to like it.

'To hell with you all then' I want to say. But I can't because I am desperate for people to like me and my art.


(*'I have failed yet again' is in reference to my work being taken off the online gallery where I have had it on display for many many months)