House hunting

Every apartment I see is either too small, too far or too expensive. On the odd occasion that I find an apartment that has everything I am looking for, such a one is not available when I want it to be. In short, I cannot find the perfect apartment to fit my specifications. And thus, my house-hunting exploit has turned into a most bothersome expedition.

My life is not too different from this situation. Nothing ever seems to be exactly as I want it to be. Even the people in my life are not the way they should. My body too, does not conform to my ideals. So I get very exasperated.

One solution would be to change everyone and everything to be as they appear in my mind. This way, I would be able to find the perfect house that is cheap, close to everything, well maintained, in a safe area, large enough and surrounded by homes with friendly neighbours in them. It would also have a pool, a play ground and have impeccable finishes inside it, to match the very agreeable attitude of my would-be landlord.

This perfect apartment would be so perfect that it would be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It would further let in just enough sunlight and ventilate well throughout the day. Did I mention that it should be cheap? But alas, if you know central Stellenbosch then you know that such an apartment indeed exists, but cheap would never be used to describe it.

This being the case, I might have to compromise and look for something tolerable, but not perfect, seeing as my prospects of becoming rich soon, are anywhere between none and never. So now, I am thinking I should stop searching for the perfect. Come to think of it, I have actually seen some places that are not too bad and can improve markedly with a bit of effort. Such places are not great, but they have great potential.

Maybe I should see my life this way too. I am imperfect but I have a perfect chance to make the best of my life. The people in my life also have flaws, but they are perfectly capable of bringing great joy into my life.

Now, this is a great epiphany for the finicky Artist: Do not search for the perfect, rather, see perfection in what you already have.