Of stocks and flows and diagrams

I cannot believe that instead of painting this weekend, I will be creating a stock flow diagram using Vensim software.

You may not know what a stock flow diagram is and neither do I. But it was spoken about severally during the last one week when I was in a Systems dynamics modelling class, and that is how I happen to have the task of creating this stock flow diagram. There is nothing artistic about this diagram and it requires large quantities of logical thinking, which I am in short supply of.

In fact, I don't like thinking and reasoning things out at all. I just like to day-dream and move with the flow. Maybe, I should just be the flow in the stock flow diagram. That would definitely make it more interesting... 

Unfortunately, I do not control the world. Otherwise I would abolish all forms of institutionalization, starting with academia. In my world, everyone will be an artist and they will do whatever they damn well please.

For now, I will toe the line and be a good student as I have always been. But deep down, I will keep the fire burning. I have to make sure that my creative exuberance is never dampened as I pursue the conventional route to success. 

When I do become successful, garnering more and more academic accolades, in my heart, I will always have a place for art. 

It is that art that reminds me of the basics. In it, I do not get tied up in jargon and complex arguments. I just create and resonate with life and nature. I allow myself to just be. Quietly letting go, getting in touch with my essence; sharing my joys, sorrows, dreams and beauty with others. 

In so doing, I transcend the conventional. I toe no line for I create my own lines and path. It is only then that people can see me for me, not for my degrees or papers or titles: Just Amolo. 

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