It is snowing in Africa! Now I can die in piece ('peace' I meant)

To convince my daughter to move countries, I promised her that we were going to see snow! Unfortunately, I brought her Stellenbosch at the beginning of the summer last October and all we got from then onwards was scotching heat. The weather got progressively hotter until this January, when we were threatened with being boiled in our own blood everytime we stepped outside into the sun.

So yesterday I was elated when for the first time, I could show her the long awaited snow. We first had to get ourselves to Franschhoek, a quaint little town, lined with expensive restaurants on the one side, and delicious-looking cyclists on the other. However, as we had no interest in either of these attractions, we drove right through the town, with our minds firmly set on getting to the mountains yonder.

On the way, we stopped a couple of times to view Franschhoek from the top, just like the baboons that sat and lazed by the side of the road. Their benign posture did not fool me though, given the rough reception we received from some other baboons at Nakuru national park. (Today's post is not going to get much more interesting, so you might as well read the Nakuru story, which I promise you is extremely hilarious).

When we got as close as possible to the snow, the little girl complained that she could not make a snowman and put a carrot on his nose, as she had expected to do. I on the other hand, was more than satisfied with the beautiful scenery that offered an amazing backdrop for excellent photos of yours truly.

By the way, it also happened to be 'Women's day', a public holiday here in South Africa, and what better way for me to celebrate it than to look good in pictures.

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