FAQS about my Art

Would-be fan: 'But what does this sketch mean?'

Me: 'It means whatever you want it to mean.'

Frustrated would-be fan: 'I do not understand your paintings! Can you please explain them?'

Me: 'I do not understand them either. I just do them because they make me happy.'

Not would-be fan: 'Do you only paint in black and white?'

Me (sneering): 'Mostly.'

A useless nobody: 'Where do you sell your art?'

Poor me: 'Nowhere.Yet?'

Misguided fan: 'Are you also a writer?'

Angry me: 'Were we not talking about my paintings?'

Excited misguided fan: 'Do you publish?'

Very angry me: 'I blog. Is that not publishing? And can we get back to the paintings!'

Adoring but still misguided fan: 'I love your blog!' 

Livid me: 'That is not even a question! What about the PAINTINGS?'

Confused person: 'What kind of art do you do?'

'I will punch someone' me: 'PAINTINGS!'

Annoying, confused, useless, F'up person: 'What do your paintings mean?'

A crushed me: 'F!!'

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