Acronym is synonym for gibberish

I would love to start this post by saying that I have an eye for detail, but I would be lying. Sadly, I do not have an eye for detail at all when it comes to certain things. And this becomes glaring when people ask me useful questions like the one DC asked me on FB: 'Are those Tns?'

First, DC should know that I hate acronyms, none more than those LOLs and LMAOs internet acronyms that have become so common. As soon as I catch up with one, a new fad of an abbreviation is introduced, to my chagrin. But, I suppose they are necessary, as people do not have to bother with spellings and such like.

Upon having a long discussion with DC about  Tns, I got to understand that TN is a label for Nike shoes, or something to that effect. How the hell was I supposed to know that? I just fit shoes then buy them based on their fit and look, not label. I also wear a half-size, so I do not have the luxury of choosing from a wide array, given that half-sizes are rare.

So I will emphasize again, for DCs sake, that a label on a shoe is the least of my concerns but that is not to say that they are unimportant. I mean, anyone working at Nike and making ridiculous amounts of money while they are at it, would beg to disagree with me. To them and to DC, labels of this kind are very significant.

Now let me turn your attention to something considerably more meaningful, at least to anyone doing research. As you may well know, I am doing a PhD, and suffering immeasurably while I'm at it, my only consolation being the holiday I will take when I graduate as Dr. such and such.

In the meantime, I find ways to cope and the best way to do that is to talk about my research. I therefore could not pass up the opportunity to attend the New voices in Science workshop at Stellenbosch university. This workshop is on how to share research outside academia, and it is also a preparation for the New voices in Science competition.

Now this New voices competition claims that it is: 'The competition that will get everyone, even you, excited about your PhD'.

So now I want to see how I can get EVERYONE, especially ME excited about my research on...wait for it...SANITATION FOR INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS! (SFIS for those lazy-ass internet people).

Step aside DC with your Tns and Nikes, SFIS is the new fad!

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