Old stories and New stories

The beginning of the 'Samba series' on 30cm by 30cm stretched canvases 

I destroyed the work. But not really destroying. They are growing, learning, bearing the scars of time.

First finish of the 'Samba series'

I did them several months ago but yesterday I knew I had to paint them again.

I got them out, squeezed paint onto the canvases and gave them new life, new meaning.

A new story. The old story is still there, just not visible. Like all the stories of my life, that are layered upon each other.

Redone! 'Samba series'

Sometimes I forget old stories, but they are still part of the canvas of my life.

Now, I live new experiences. My life is not so easy or pretty anymore. I too bear the scars of my mistakes, of others mistakes. I also carry the beautiful strokes of my triumphs...

I look so different, but the canvas is still the same.

I am new and old, all in one, like these paintings.

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