Not about Stellenbosch

I promised a sequel to 'Our last night in Helsinki' but I think I have pretty much worked this whole Helsinki experience to the ground.

It is time for me to visit some other place for new stories. Meanwhile, I can talk about Stellenbosch. I have realized that I hardly write anything fun about this little town, yet I have lived in it for exactly one year now.

I arrived here last winter, got through a ragingly hot summer and now we are back in winter again. In between there were autumn, spring like seasons but its the extreme cold and heat that stick in my mind.

I actually love this Stellenbosch place. It has grown on me. I talked to J once about it and he had nothing good to say about Stellenbosch. Very few people do.

By the way, J is one of those guys who spews vitriol; especially when he laments over the tribulations of kenyan/african artists. I love the way he does that. In one of his latest articles he takes it to the extreme when he relates the disastrous hijacking of the Kenyan pavilion at some biennale in Venice...blah blah blah. ('La Biennale di Venezia' to be precise. Apparently a very important cultural event. Never heard of it).

If I was still teaching African art, I would make J's articles compulsory reading for my students, and they would hate that because his writing is not light or easy. It is heavy and potent, and I would use it to punish lazy-ass students.

But don't think that J is as rough and rancorous as he sounds in his blog. I met him in Nairobi at the Godown art centre and he is simply lovely. I think he is even funny because I remember laughing when we went to some art festival.

See! Done it again. Nothing about Stellenbosch. Well, maybe tomorrow.

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