Kiasma museum of Contemporary Art

So the guide says that the artist wanted us to think, and what better place for that than a vast empty space within a room whose walls are bare except for the words: 'Less is More' painstakingly scratched out of the paint in finnish. (I mean that the words are in finnish not the paint. Pity me for having to write in a language that I was taught in since I was five but began to vaguely understand when I was about 10).

Back at the museum, I am taking videos and pictures incessantly only for E to chide me that I am not paying attention to the guide. My main objective for coming to Finland was to run away from my professors but here I find E, complete with a postdoc to remind me of my shortcomings, chiefly characterized by my being a scatterbrain.

And I think that is what makes me such a great artist and poor researcher. In fact, I think my paintings can hang at Kiasma, or maybe not, given that all the works on display are by accomplished finnish artists. I am sadly neither finnish nor accomplished so we move on to the next room, and many others where we are treated to melancholy, an attitude I am told is uniquely finnish.

I love this place! But I have to go back home and I will carry it's memory always. Especially since I fitted in so well in Helsinki and almost looked finnish, were it not for my chocolate skin and the sleepless summer nights. (I would not last two weeks in that Northern summer).

Now here at home, J writes to me and says that my art 'seems deep', the key word here being 'seems'.

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