Key word: Hegemony

Formulas, just like frameworks are efficacious because they provide structure and functionality to the way we do and understand things. We humans have over thousands of years learnt to develop these structured ways of thinking that have allowed us to conquer the world.

I would imagine that there is now a formula or framework for doing just about anything and that is why we spend years in an education system that tries to teach us how things have been done. This is very important and I fully support the hegemony of institutionalizing the human mind. It means we do not need to re-invent the wheel and we can manage chaos.

But right now I just want to scream 'SCREW THAT!' Don't care about rules and methods! They are too prescriptive and they hinder you from being just you! Be a creative thinker or don't even think at all!

Everybody should do whatever the hell they want to do. Formulas suck!

So now let me go back to doing my literature review.

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