Just because I can!

Mediterranean Dreams

I went back to my sketching and it feels so great!

Sketching in my notebook is a completely futile exercise that makes me smile because I get to say exactly what I want. If I was a recognized selling artist, (which I am desperately looking forward to and loosing hope about) I would of course have customers and fans that I have to please, and I might loose my voice then.

My research often makes me think that I have already lost my voice. I am constantly required to have points of reference; I am expected to create but only in as much as I can anchor my ideas onto existing paradigms or if I am daring enough, challenge those paradigms but still acknowledge them.

In art, I only acknowledge my inspirations and they come from the most unlikely of places, or people. In fact I think I abuse certain people because I steal ideas from what they say and use it for my art. And for anyone else to fully understand the art, they might have to listen to the inspirers*. This being almost impossible then the meanings of my art are open to any interpretation whatsoever.

As soon as I post them here, or display them on an online gallery, my artworks are not mine to speak of anymore. What I enjoy most after that is when people explain to me what they think the art means! And they are always right!

Now I speak too much. Let me go back to facebook and work on my frivolous profile.

(*Inspirers are people who inspire).

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