From Helsinki

Dear Blog,

Where do I start?

I have neglected you for so long...

But not neglect really. I think the time apart was good for both of us. And girl, do I have stories for you!

Do I tell you about the very minimalist Kiasma museum or the melancholic Russian socialist bar or maybe the   strange summer? A summer where the nights are not nights at all because the sun lingers on, only hiding for a little while, leaving one in a dreamy sleepless state...

Rest assured, I have enough to last us a couple of months so brace yourself for the heavy traffic! I see your hits have dwindled to a miserly number! We shall make up for that.

For now, I need to rewire my mind for the South, after travelling thousands of miles to the North, where I found an awe-inspiring place with special people! I will tell you all this in good time.

Welcome back!

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