Why I will (not) make it as a Socialite

If only someone had warned me against the dangers of joining the world of Academia, I would not have had to spend the next few months buried in literature, in an effort to find a conceptual framework for my thesis.

I would not be thinking about the impact factor of peer-reviewed journals that I can publish my papers in. Neither would I be planning my trip to Helsinki to commiserate with other 'suffering souls' (A.K.A PhD candidates), from all over the world.

Now, with my tainted past and a few academic publications to my name, I cannot convince anyone that I am  24 years old! That is the age I would have had to pass for, if I was to get my dream job as a socialite.

(You see, I have on several occasions been confused for a 23 year old, but that is usually before someone finds out that I have two degrees and I have been working for several years. The worst is when one of my old students pops out of nowhere and calls me 'Teacher!' in front of everyone. If such a student looks like they are no less than 30 -which is often the case- then there is no way I could be any younger. 'Curses!' I think to myself as I feign a smile and exchange pleasantries with this bugger of a student who has already scuttled my plans to be 24 again).

When I go to FB, I look for fan pages of these socialites who only have to take a thousand pictures of themselves everyday doing absolutely nothing constructive. I can so do that! They then go for parties and interviews where they confirm that they are complete airheads! So cool!

Yes, I would definitely make it as a socialite because I look nice, mostly, especially in good light. I also love taking pictures and going to lovely places. Aaahhh...I would never have to strain my self with reading, and my blog, would just be for posting my pictures and fashion and silly quotes that I download from other sites!

Ooohhh...Back in my unfortunate world, I remember that I have a book chapter to write, field work to attend to and interviews to transcribe. Why me?

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