To the Dungeons

Two floors underground makes me think of the library as a dungeon where I go to jail my thoughts with academic chains. Right now I am preparing to read articles upon articles to ready myself for the Doclinks summer school and you don't give a shit about that.

You are here probably by mistake and somehow you got curious enough to read this far. Well, I have very little to interest you except for my attempts at becoming an artist. Many have now expressed doubts about the worth of my paintings but what I am for sure, is a stressed-out PhD student and I am hoping my writing here will ease my tribulations.

Do not get me wrong, I am here in this library by choice. I could be sleeping or dancing or painting. My programme only provides me with a maximum time in which I have to complete my studies and what I do in between the four years alloted to me is my own problem! No timetables, no deadlines. And that makes it very difficult. I have learned (the hard way) how to manage my time wisely, push myself hard and create short term targets that will help me achieve my grand goal of becoming a Doctor of Philosophy!

My biggest motivation is the long holiday I plan to take if I can finish my work early. Maybe a trip around the world (if I can afford it) or three weeks by the beach or just to sleep for a week and watch TV! I have not watched much TV since I started my PhD and now when I switch on my set it looks so colourful and fascinating!

Aaaahhh! Now I am smiling! To the dungeons then!

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