This is utter rubbish, do not read it!

I have just been the victim of a violent attempt to fit my very fluid story-like ideas into a structured academic framework. (There it is again, the dreaded 'F' word). This attempt is of course my own, in keeping with my advisers' recommendations that I start making sense of my nonsense. If I succeed, I will get a PhD. If you want to understand what I am talking about, please read my article the 'New F word.'

Otherwise, please be patient as I relate to you some thing or other, that will probably turn out to be useless information. Be content however in the knowledge that it will make you smile.

I have taken a short break from my reading journal articles so it will take time for me to drop the high sounding words and pompous language. In other words, this is me trying to relax and unwind a little, and I best do that by prattling here.

Did you know, by the way, that my beauty is unmatched? No? Probably because that is not true but I like to think of it that way. Once in  a while I remember that I look good chiefly because I am blessed to have all my body parts intact, and I am grateful for that.

Yesterday as I rode my bike, I remembered this amazing reality; that I have two legs and arms and I am thus, truly blessed. I also live in a nice village and I love my family.

If you get over the annoying thought that you have just wasted the last few minutes of your life reading my silliness, then maybe you could also try and see if you have anything in your life worth gloating over.

I leave you with my best wishes for a wonderful day as I recoil back into the world of Academia, where my very average intelligence is continually tested and hopefully increased.

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