The Secret Formula!

So many of my ardent fans (the four of them), have been begging me to share the secret formula to loosing weight.

Body - Fat = Slim

And it is just that simple! Loose the fat and your problem is solved! And then you ask me 'How do I loose the fat? I have tried everything!'.

Well, have you tried eating less and exercising more?

You see, our hunter-gathering genes have not changed much and we (especially women of child-bearing age) are wired to gain weight and not to loose it. So to be slim, we have to go against nature! Really hard work that is.

As a hunter-gathering lady, I would be rearing some ten kids or so, and any fat stored in good times, will come in handy during droughts and famine. But, now I am spending hours in front of a computer screen, and I do not walk around foraging for food; I instead pay someone else to do that when I buy groceries. It therefore follows that I do not use up most of what I take in, necessitating my actually doing exercise.

If you think about it, it is a really silly way of living our lives today. Hunting and gathering makes so much more sense because you eat to survive. Now we just eat for fun mostly, then we complain when our bodies do their work and store it all up as fat!

My hunter-gathering body is also not made for the cold, so I am freezing in this winter weather down here in Stellenbosch! I had to check on google maps to confirm that I am not Europe because this weather is not African! It even snowed in Cape Town!

The world must be ending. And if it is not ending for everyone, it might end for my toes that are in danger of being lost to frost bite. Maybe if I did have extra fat deposits I would not feel this cold, so please take my advice with caution. I could be wrong.

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