Sketches of my Soul

I remembered that it is you who inspires me. My post yesterday was so destitute and it is because I have not spoken to you in a while. I am loosing my art; I still write but it is not from the heart anymore.

My art is fading because I don't see you in my dreams. I was afraid  this would happen; it was bound to happen. 

But before it completely disappears, I would like to thank you for giving it to me. I also have to admit that it was not me painting or drawing or writing, it was you.

I am a thief but you did not seem bothered by my stealing from you. That is probably because I can never take away from you anything that you did not want me to have. 

I might go back to being just plain ordinary me, or you might find it in your heart to have mercy on me, and inspire me again. If you don't, then the Artist will die. 

Maybe it is time for the Artist to die, just as all things die eventually.