Search Engine Optimization

So here I am blogging away but I have little or no clue how to run a blog. It is only recently, for instance, that I started reading on SEO because I desperately needed to increase traffic to my blog.

My good friend Irene Chola, who had the courage to start her own internet company (there is probably a proper technical name for what she does but calling it an 'internet company' is congruent with my lack of knowledge in that regard), tried to give me a quick lesson on how to optimize my blog. (Again, I doubt if that is the right expression).

(Now this bracketed remarks are confusing even me!)

I was grateful for the great tips she gave me but it will require immense effort on my part to implement even half of what she recommended. (If you are one of my regulars, then you know that I am currently engaged in a vigorous attempt to embed my research in a concrete theoretical and conceptual framework, and can therefore not afford to divert energy in any other direction).

This is a chicken and egg story: Do I improve my blog so that I can make money from it or do I spend money on my blog so that I can improve it?

A conundrum that is easily solved by the obvious fact that I do not have any extra money seeing as I live in Stellenbosch; A village with the highest per capita income in Africa (Pure hearsay of course). I am told that this Stellenbosch has the richest people in Africa, and I not being one of them, suffer the indignity of paying a high price for everything.

Not to entirely leave you with the impression that I am a complete buffoon, I did manage to increase my traffic my adding labels and search words to my posts. It bumped up the hits to about 200 yesterday, up from the average 70. But Irene says I need to be more specific, and that I need to know what people in my field are searching for.

How the hell should I know that? I am not even sure what this blog is for anyway. I thought I would use it to promote my art but since that is not working, I just come here to waste a bit of time.

Maybe one day, when stupidity becomes a fad, I ll make money! But I think it already is, what with Kim Kardarshian being in the news everyday.

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