Precious Gem

I meet people who question my way of doing things. Like this beautiful little girl, who does not speak words but speaks with her soul. In the ordinary world, she would be mentally challenged because she doesn't do what kids her age are doing, but in the world of beauty, she is wonderful and amazing!

Whenever I meet her, we just look at each other and smile the whole time. She tells me with her grin that it is not always necessary to talk for two people to converse. Now, I always sit next to her whenever I get a chance.  That is never a problem anyhow as the other kids are scared of her! She has been known to bite and punch occasionally, and the other children wisely give a her a wide berth.

So the other day I was touched when someone told me that my daughter is not afraid to sit next to this girl, who reminds me of a precious gem yet to be discovered. When warned to be careful around her, my daughter retorted 'She can't hurt me, she likes my Mum!'

I would like my daughter to grow up knowing that even though there are things to be feared in this world, a beautiful soul like this precious gem is not one of them.

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