Keep doing your Art

If it were not for the encouraging words I get from friends, family and strangers, I would have abandoned this whole art thing! It is so frustrating to try and try and try some more!

No. I am lying. I enjoy the art too much for me to give it up. NEVER will I give it up even if no one ever looks at it again. I am so convinced about my painting and my blog that I can keep doing it just for me! It makes me happy! It gives me something else to do; it's my way to calm myself down. I smile when I am writing in this blog, well, most of the time. That is enough reason to keep at it.

As for my day today, I am off to give a presentation about my work to a room full of postgraduate students and their professors. It is scary! But not as scary as when I first arrrived in Stellenbosch last year in July. I was so petrified. My voice shook whenever I had to speak infront of a crowd, and they were all strangers! I feel sorry for myself for having to go through that, but it was all worth it.

The really good stuff is often the most scary!

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