I Artist can party

I can't believe that long before I was born, there were songs written about me! That is how I feel when I listen to Baccara's 1977 hit song 'Yes Sir, I can Boogie!'

I really can boogie and WILL.I.AM knows that because I inspired his 'Scream & Shout' duo with Britney. Especially the part where they say 'when we up in the club, all eyes on us!'

As for you, please never say that you have partied, until you party with the Artist!

Ok, enough of that foolery. I am now off to the library and then to interview one of my key informants for my study. No partying. But when I do party next, please hate yourself if you will not be there.

My art is not too bad either. I have not painted in while though and I have not had much success promoting my existing work. I think people cannot see how good this work is, or maybe I am not marketing it aggressively enough. Last year when I did them, I was certain that by now I would have sold all of them.

Maybe I give it a few more months, or years or decades...who knows? Maybe my true fans have not even been born yet, just like the Baccara duo didn't imagine that over three decades later, people would still love their music.

Aaaahhh...such is life. We give it our best shot and sometimes we win, sometimes we get nothing. I am happy. I am glad I painted those works and it is fine if I have to wait a little while longer for the world to know.

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