I am on top of the world! So exuberant! For no reason at all. Well maybe it's because I have so much to be grateful for. I often forget how lucky I am. I also complain and bitch a lot, but my friends know that I mean no harm. It's just my way of dealing with the daily trials of life, which everyone goes through. Of course not everyone tells the whole world about their problems in a blog. Some people wisely choose to solve their issues in private; I choose to bitch.

But today, you will get only good things from me. As I said, once in a while I remember that I am blessed human being. Particularly because I have so many people who love me. In fact, I don't know of anyone who hates me. And you must like me too because you keep coming back here. It is also not uncommon for people to enjoy my company, even when I am complaining. I try to whine in a nice, lovable way.

In my joy, I would therefore like to celebrate all the people in my life. For that, I borrow the words of Zonke, a South African musician, whom I am sad I never knew of until a few days ago. She sings 'Viva, You are a Legend'.  I tell this to all my friends and especially to Lloyd Igane, whom I love chatting to about my literary exploits (or lack thereof). I am amazed, that he, an accomplished writer would take the trouble to read my work and bother to look at my paintings. His verdict: 'You are Artist.'

All the money in the world (that I will earn as a famous artist) will not make up for such a compliment. I am Artist. Thank you Lloyd.

I will ride this ninth cloud for the next couple of days, at least before the next disaster strikes and I start ranting again over how miserable my life is.

As for you, I would like to insist that you read Lloyd's work: Shaba park. It is enthralling. When you are done, please come back and convincingly argue in a comment, how my writing style is so very similar to Lloyd's.

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