Timeless art

It's amazing how Boney M's music that is decades old still sounds so fresh to me. I guess that is the hallmark of very good art; timelessness. I would like to be so audacious as to dream that my own paintings are timeless and that years from now people will still want to see them, maybe even more so, given the near certainity that I might actually become famous way after I am dead. I also hope that what I write in this blog will still be worth reading; I for one enjoy going over articles I posted in January which seems like they were written centuries ago. Very slowly, or rather, very quickly, my writing style has changed. It is getting more raw and careless (I think carefree is a better word), very much like my own life which often surprises even me. Just last year, I would never have dreamt (dreamed? I don't have time to check which is which, but you catch my drift), of blogging everyday and next year I might be in a place that I cannot even farthom right now. I always imagine that if I was given a sneak peak into my future, it would totally blow me away and prevent me from working hard to get there in the first place. I like the uncertainity. It keeps me interested in my own life and I don't need to look very far for entertainment. I have a heap load of work to do for my research and if I write anymore in this post, I might get into huge trouble. So, please find something constructive to do instead of reading gibberish in a silly blog by a crazy person.

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