Take a Break

I was going to tell you about my great weekend away but I will save that for later. As a budding writer, I have found great advantage in allowing memories to ferment and rise like dough; leavened by time and embellished with fantasy and dreams. This way, I deliver to you, not just an account of events but a beautiful and well told story that lingers sweetly in your mind and makes you smile. I might have to start charging you for that though, seeing as I am not making much as a painter.

This writer vs painter thing is threatening to creep into my post again today, but you can read all about it in yesterday's article. Today is a new day full of hope, and just as I intimated in the article virtues, I believe I am a great artist, even when there is no evidence to support the same. You too, should believe in whatever you want; it is the human way of moving forward. Without faith, we would never conquer new worlds or invent anything. Think of all the inventors who were ridiculed when they said they could fly, or cross vast oceans or walk on the moon. It takes faith to do that, but beyond faith, an inventor or conqueror has to be really stupid to do what they do.

In Sun Tzu's Art of War, the stupid man is described as the one who has no fear of death. And such a man, makes a good soldier, along with the brave man who want to show off his courage, the covetous man who is quick at seizing advantages and the wise man, who delights in establishing his merit. In the war of life, I see these four men walking alongside me; I learn from them because I need to be them at different times. Right now I am just stupid; I don't fear.

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