Sorry, No post today

And you still opened the link?
It says 'NO POST TODAY!'

You must be as crazy as the girl who writes so much shit on this blog. So now I really have to write something!

She has taken a break today because someone accused her of having split personality disorder.

I am writing on her behalf just to let you know what is happening,

But really, she is so pissed off by the accusation!

The same person also accused her of having Attention Deficiency Disorder and of being Bipolar!

She now tells me that she wants to stop blogging because...she has drifted off. She is so upset! No she is so happy!

And I am trying to tell her she really should not take her readers so seriously,

OK. She has calmed down now. She has just remembered that she is almost getting to 6000 hits!

I like this girl. Oh and she says 'THANK YOU'

(You must forgive me for writing so badly. I was just feeling in for the Artist.  Hopefully, she will be back to blogging again tomorrow and you wont have to hear from me again.)

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