Of rumours and Gossip

So L (from my post yesterday) is actually Lloyd Igane who has today, made some possibly, very damaging  allegations about me. He has gone as far as casting aspersions on my flawless character by using derogatory terms to describe me and my art work.

He started by saying "Meet my new favourite Artist, Amolo Omolo."  For one, I am not new. I am 33 years old.

Then, he went on to compare me to a Lake Deity. That part he got right.

But his next words, are really the most slanderous. He wrote: "in fact she's full of her not-in-the-least-faultless self and is more vain than..." I cannot even finish that sentence!

'Lloyd, I will have you know, that vanity is a vice that I truly despise. I am the perfect model of humility. Of course it would be moronic for me to deny my obvious beauty, but my modesty is such that I do not wish to blow my own trumpet, even though there is a growing body of evidence that strongly points to my being a truly magnificent artist. Despite your spreading this vicious lies (which you have written so well!) about me Lloyd, I enjoy your blog, because you are truly, a great writer. If I disregard your gross misinterpretation of my work, then maybe I will enter you into the long waiting list of my crazed fans.'

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