Looking for a Guest writer

Tomorrow (and only tomorrow), I would like to post an article from someone else other than my fabulous self. If you are that someone, please find below the criteria I will use to judge whether your work is worthy of my blog:

1. The article must be short and to the point and in a language that I can understand.
2. Do not use words such as 'shit' or any other swear words.
3. Do not write bull shit.
4. Do not be so foolish as to copy and paste someone else's article.
5. Do not expect me to pay you because I do not earn anything from this blog. (I have refused to put ads because I find them so annoying).
6. Do not wish that by posting in my blog you will become famous. (I have been posting for four months now and it has gotten me nowhere).
7. Do not hope that I will take the trouble to edit your work. (The way you write it is exactly the way I will post it).
8. Do send the link to your friends if I do choose your article.
9. Do pray that one day I will be known and that I might recommend your work.
10. Do, please do.

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