Hair and Beauty tips

I wrote a poem yesterday but I changed my mind about posting it, just to give you a break from the deep and introspective stuff. I write the way I swim: Once in a while I dive underwater but I can't stay down there for to long, I need to come back to the surface for air (contrary to popular belief, I am in fact, human).  And while my head is out of the water, I remember how vain I used to be only a few days ago.

See, I have been working so hard on my research that I had forgotten to admire my reflection in the mirror. But today I see that I am still looking good, especially after I have had my hair done. By the way, did you know that I do my own hair? Well, now you know and you can read all about it in Dreading where I recount my hair woes.

I am now quite the expert at twisting my own locks and I therefore spend close to nothing on my hair. And a good thing too because there are no decent locticians to speak of here in Stellenbosch, where most people seem to prefer soft hair, usually associated with persons of Caucasian decent. This of course is perfectly in order, given that this people are actually fully or mostly Caucasian.

So to make my hair, all I need is a few products and a blow drier. But please allow me to reiterate that it has been a long, arduous journey, that has seen me bear the scorn and insults of others, who many times pointed out that my hair was downright ugly. For a whole year, I suffered tremendously because it took that long for my hair to lock and start looking respectable. I will not bore you with the details again except to share with you one of my lowest points in my quest to go natural: my dire circumstances were such that I was forced to wear a wig.

Kindly take a minute or two to reflect on this very miserable state I found myself in, and that many souls around the world are driven to. Imagine the desperation of anyone who, against all the laws of nature, is compelled to insert their head into a contraption -so called a wig- all in an effort to hide their own hair or lack thereof. Life can be so cruel!

As for beauty tips, I have none. My complete beauty regimen goes thus: I wash my face with good, cold water, I apply a little lotion on my face, some lip balm for my lips, I decide which direction my hair will face and BHAAAM! I become fabulous!

Good luck with yours!

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