First ever guest writer!

What can I say about my mum?

Over the past 30-odd(you know how women never admit to their real ages) years, we have had quite a dynamic relationship. As a toddler, I relied on my mum for everything; she was my world. As I grew into a little girl and graduated into adolescence, I started to develop my own headstrong and independent opinions of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. At that point, I loved my mum, but many times we didn't see eye to eye- and in my mind I couldn't wait to be old enough to make my own decisions. After every 'mother-daughter' 'disagreement', I would sulk for days on end- but dearest mum was totally un fazed. After one particularly hot debate, I told her I couldn't wait to move out- her response? "Go- NOW". "Snap; is she bluffing?" I thought to myself, but knowing my mum I wasn't taking any chances!

Thank God that phase is over, now I am an adult. We still do not agree on everything, but when I think about my mum now, she is more than just that- she is my best friend. Now, we both see life in a mature perspective. We may not have the luxury of seeing each other every day- (true to my word I finally moved out) but almost everyday we talk, share our joys, our woes, our hopes and our fears. My mother taught me everything I know, and she has always been there for me, encouraging me, praying for me and helping me keep it together despite the foolhardy decisions I made from time to time. How she has managed to put up with our shenanigans through the years and stay beautiful and strong is beyond me.

Today, as we make plans together, I look at her in a totally different light. She might as well have a halo around her head, because she is my guardian angel. I have the ultimate respect for this woman-my mother, and I dedicate this thoughts to her...

I Love you Marie!

(From Ogake, not Amolo, but to all mothers)

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