So I am still on W's case, the mountain climbing guy from yesterday. He read the post then went on to tell me that he has 'now climbed mountains on all the continents and has been to Hillary's Step on Mt. Everest.' His exact words. Such a show off! Like climbing so many mountains is worth boasting about.

If he had a blog, where he told all those amazing stories that I know he has, then maybe it would be impressive. He could even have another blog on how to set up and run a business, because he has vast experience in setting up and running a business! He is also a writer, so it is beyond me why he does not have a blog!

He is simply brilliant, maybe even a genius, but, 15 years ago, he did something that has left me traumatised for life. Brace yourself for this one. It is an act that could be considered an abomination in certain cultures, and might even have earned one a place at the guillotine not to long ago.  In today's modern and very permissive world, it is an act that would in the very least attract a hefty fine.

'Sorry W, to have to share this with the world, but it is the only way I will start the painful and lengthy process of recovery'. This is very hard. I will have to say it in a paragraph of it's own. And please, if you are of a sensitive constitution, then I strongly advice that you desist from reading any further.

So, I told you in yesterday's post that W's idea of a date is mountain climbing. His next best idea is... atrocious. (If in your view, I have built enough suspense, then congratulate me. If on the other hand, you are now just irritated by my dragging this out, then kindly start your own blog and write your own shit. If you still want to know what W did, then please read on). And now this paragraph is also to long, so onto the next.

W's second best idea for a date is: solving math equations! (At this juncture, I request that we pause for a moment of silence in remembrance of all the girls who fell victim to such torture).

If  W was not such a nice guy with a beautiful family and an otherwise great personality, (if one was to overlook his tendency towards over-achievement), I would recommend that he be punished severely for imagining any girl on this planet would find math equations interesting.

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