Brainstorming techniques

I have ran out of ideas. With over a hundred posts, almost all of them about me, it is rather clear that I have exhausted all possible topics for this type of blog. It is now time to close it and do something else.

But before I go, let me try writing just one last time. I want to try out an idea generation technique for designers, who have reached their wits end. It is very simple. Just pick two random words, that in all probability, are completely unrelated, then try and generate a single idea from the two words. So here goes nothing...

My two words are 'angel' and 'backache'.

Ok. So now, I do the silly thing of weaving a story around these two words.

'An angel...cannot have a backache?...'

'My backache is...not caused...' No wait...'My angel is...or...did not cause my backache...'

Sorry. This is heading nowhere. Really, I wait, just one last time,

'If an angel would lighten my burden, then maybe I would not have such a backache'

Is that good? No? Ok. Then you try it and see if you will do any better.

In other news, I have an assignment worth 6000 words, due in a few weeks time and I have not even written the first word. I have half the mind to run off and join the circus where I can clown my way back into happiness.

Oh...the circus, a place where there are no libraries or librarians looking at you harshly because you are on facebook, and then proceeding to ask you if you are doing academic work and if not, if you may then KINDLY close your facebook page because computers in the library are only reserved for academic work, at which point you apologise profusely while cursing under your breath and wondering why you never did join the circus when you had the chance to.

Let me check if maybe I'm not yet too old to go to clown training school. If I double as a trapeze artist, I might, in a years time, earn close to a 10th of what a researcher earns in an hour.

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