A rather long snippet of my Soul

My friend J has politely reminded me that I am late in posting today. My apologies. It is because I am battling with two very different stories. Very much like the story of my own life. One is a good story about a lovely friend of mine and the other is about a very unfortunate man. Maybe I should tell you both and let you choose.

My lovely friend Z, is well, lovely. (She had doubts about my using her real name. Seemingly, not everyone loves the limelight like me). Even my car thought she was lovely. You see, I had a car that hated me, and however well I treated it, it just got worse. It had serious mood swings and would suddenly stop in the middle of the road and refuse to move! Luckily, many generous gentlemen would stop and offer to help. One even offered to tow it for free to any destination of my choice.

So there was no love lost between me and this car when Z offered to take it off my hands. The next time I saw the car at Z's place, I regretted why I just didn't pay her to repair the car, instead of selling it to her at a throw away price. The silly car now had a totally different attitude! If it could smile, it would mockingly do so and tell me 'I found somebody new!'

When I got over my heartbreak, I asked Z how she managed to figure out the car's problem and she said she just googled and found a solution! 'Excuse me, you googled what?'

This girl, is now a guru on all things internet. At least to me, she is. I consult her about blogging and I am writing about her now in the hopes of flattering her, and securing a free mention of my blog in any one of her many sites. (If she had let me use her name, I would have added a link to one of the sites. What a waste of an article! Sorry, I take that back. Writing about Z can never be a waste, but it would be so much better if I could add a link!)

As for the unfortunate man, it turns out that he is really unfortunate because I have almost exceeded my limit of the number of words I can use in a post, so I can't write about him. J is also anxiously waiting for me to publish. (Sorry for using stupid letters to refer to people, it is so confusing!).

You can tell that I am jittery. It is because of L, my other friend, who I promised I will write about as well. I actually woke up planning to write about L then I remembered how lovely Z is and I got a message from J and recalled a sad story about an unfortunate man...

By the way, Z was the very first person to write and tell me that she loves this blog and my art, and I was so touched. When I started blogging, I wanted to write from the heart but I was not sure if anyone would want to read it. By saying that she felt like she was getting to know me all over again from this blog, Q, sorry Z, encouraged me to keep 'snippetting' my soul.

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