Time, is all I have

(My wise friend T said 'we have all the time' when I complained that we had run out of time. I write this in his honour)

Early in the morning, I was visited by Time. He was dressed as an old man but his face was so very young. He said I should wait and I asked him how long.

'Patience, my dear child, is what you need.' He answered.

'But I have been working so hard!' I complained.

'Yes. And you need to work even harder to prepare for your chance. Very soon, I will call you up and you must be ready when it is your turn.'

'How will I know when I am ready?'

'I will tell you.'

'What if I fail?'

'Whatever happens, you should learn from it. The experience is the most important thing.'

'But I am loosing faith!'

'Take it easy child. Enjoy the journey.'

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