Till death do us part

Not too long ago, I witnessed a most hilarious scene on the streets in broad daylight. A woman of generous proportions, was screaming at what must have been the top of her voice. She was directing a volley of insults to a timid looking man who had taken refuge behind a wall at the corner of the street. The woman was so angry that she attempted to cause this man serious bodily harm by violently throwing her phone at him.

The entire time, the poor man did not answer back and no one attempted to intervene, probably fearing the wrath of the burly woman. I for one, was glad that I could watch all this from the safety of the opposite street. She stormed off after a while, very much like an angry rhino, but soon came back with a pram. She shoved the pram at the man, and not with the delicateness one would expect of a mother, for inside the pram was an extremely innocent looking child that I assumed was hers. I imagined how once upon a time, this man and woman, in the very least, were friendly enough to each other as to produce a child together.

The man, took over the pram as he was treated to yet another round of abuses. I did not understand a word the woman said, but for the sake of the child, I would have wished that she said something like 'please darling, take care of our little one while I am away. Feed him and burp him and don't forget to change his diapers before his afternoon nap.' The speed and volume of her voice however, clearly indicated that words like 'darling' and 'please' were not used in this context.

There is absolutely no moral to this story and it is probably as senseless as the event it tries to relate.

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