This one really, is for you my Angel

A wise professor once told us that research is not about answering questions, rather, it is concern with how well one asks a question. This is mostly true for exploratory qualitative studies that often do not have a hypothesis.

Wow! you have made it this far! I was just teasing you. No research stuff ahead. Just my usual ramblings about something or other. I am really tired though and I have nothing in my head so am literally just typing and hoping that along the way, something something.....ok.....nothing.

So now what? Could you perhaps tell me your story? You know almost everything about me (if you are a fan) but I know nothing about you. I want to get to know your thoughts, your dreams. I'm  a good listener you know, so try me. Do you love art? Do you make art? Why do you read my blog? (Ok sorry, this is about you, not me, so disregard any questions that are obliquely fashioned to focus attention back on me). Today is your day, not mine. So when you read this, think about what you would really love to do. Are you happy? Do you want to become famous? (like me). Do you love? Are you loved? Do you have a passion?
Can you dance?

If you have answers to this questions then I am happy for you and happy to know you.

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